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Setscale’s fast and flexible solution

For businesses small and large, we provide capital to fulfill open purchase orders. When you’re ready to grow, Setscale has your back.

Benefits of Purchase Order Financing

Purchase order financing (otherwise known as ‘PO finance’ or ‘PO funding’) is a solution businesses use to pay their suppliers for existing customer orders. The purpose is to allow them to meet the product demand they rely on to scale their business, even if they don’t have enough capital to do so.

Fast, flexible, non-dilutive alternative to traditional bank financing

Up to 100% of the costs required to produce and deliver goods

Ability to fulfill customers’ needs while still growing your operations

Conserve capital for marketing and growing your product

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We pay your manufacturer to fill the order.

Manufacturer delivers product and you invoice the customer.

Payment is sent to Setscale and we share the gross profit.

How do I qualify?

You and your customer are based in the United States; your manufacturing can take place globally.

You have demand for your goods with a 3rd party (e.g. retailer, government, marketplace like Amazon)

You can provide company financial information (e.g. P&L, balance sheet, sales reports, forecasts, etc.)

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Why choose Setscale

Setscale gives you a fast, flexible funding solution that lets you scale your business with no upfront fees or monthly interest. Our team has years of diverse experience in CPG and trade.

We work with a range of business sizes, helping our customers scale when they’re ready to grow.  Our holistic approach considers more than just your credit score. We believe in creating long-term partnerships and opportunities for our clients.

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How much does Purchase Order Finance cost?

Setscale determines the cost for each PO funding event on its own merit.  It is a function of several factors, which we will outline upon receiving the details of the transaction. There are no fees collected until the buyer pays for their order.

Does PO Finance use a line of credit?

Though PO finance does not use a line of credit, it can exist alongside a line of credit, so long as the line of credit is willing to do an intercreditor agreement.

What’s the difference between PO Finance and Invoice Factoring?

Factoring is when a third-party acquires an invoice for a purchase order that has been fulfilled — the vendor has already delivered a product to a customer and issued them an invoice. PO finance, however, is issued prior to the customer being invoiced, providing capital for manufacturing the inventory needed to fill a PO.

What are Setscale’s repayment terms?

This is one of the most favorable and unique elements of our partnership. Each transaction is viewed individually. Setscale doesn’t get paid until the end buyer pays for the product.  There are no fees of any kind prior to payment by your customer.