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Setscale provides capital to U.S.-based companies big and small. Start your application below.

How do I qualify?

You and your customer are based in the United States; your manufacturing can take place globally.

You have demand for your goods with a 3rd party (e.g. retailer, government, marketplace like Amazon)

You can provide company financial information (e.g. P&L, balance sheet, sales reports, forecasts, etc.)

What is Purchase Order Finance?

Unlike other Purchase Order Financing Companies, we consider more than your credit score. Before we can approve your application, here are a few  important details we will need to get started. If you’re a good fit, you will receive an invitation to our digital application.

Open purchase orders

The first thing we’ll need is the open purchase orders from your end-buyer, and your PO to the manufacturer including payment terms.

Business history

Eventually, we’ll need information around your financial history and business registration, along with the prior history with the manufacturer.

Digital onboarding

Our onboarding process takes just a few simple steps. Once we complete the underwriting process, we’ll send you a few electronic documents to sign and then we’ll be ready to fund.

The more information you provide, the more confident our team will be that we can start working together. When the process is complete, our team will review and come back to you with a proposed solution that’s right for your needs. We’re looking forward to helping you start scaling.