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Capital to growth

Scaling takes grit. Our team knows this from our own experiences building businesses. We also know that it takes fast and consistent access to capital. When a purchase order comes in, you need to be ready to deliver.

We’re here to help companies grow with the funding and partnership needed to level up.

Our story

Led by founder & CEO Daniel Fine, we are a team of entrepreneurs with broad experience scaling businesses in Fintech, CPG, retail and beyond. We know first-hand how traditional banks do not provide the right capital support to help ambitious companies reach their goals.

Setscale was born from the desire to solve this problem. We understand that the right financial partner can make a difference to successful growth. Our non-dilutive solution means SMBs don’t need to give up equity to small business investors in exchange for liquidity.

Our mission is to simplify trade and empower companies to scale by providing them with the flexible capital they need to meet demand.

We simplify trade and empower companies to scale through purchase order funding.

Setscale Executive Team

Daniel Fine

Daniel Fine

Founder and CEO

Serial entrepreneur with broad experience founding, operating, and investing in businesses across consumer, supply chain, and fintech. Built companies that achieved nine-figure revenues.


Tami Mohney

Tami Mohney

Chief Strategy Officer

Veteran executive with a global business view that facilitates strategic development and optimizes performance. Broad operational expertise across supply chain, marketing, eCommerce, technology and HR.


Jesse Roth

Jesse Roth

Chief Business Officer

Attorney with broad experience across intellectual property, litigation, general corporate, and commercial transactions. Multi-time founder in the CPG space.


Our culture

At Setscale, we foster a vibrant company culture that embodies the essence of entrepreneurial spirit, flexibility and adaptability. We believe in empowering our employees to think outside the box, take calculated risks, and innovate to drive success.

Our team embraces the challenges that come with a rapidly evolving industry, and we are constantly adapting to new opportunities and market dynamics.
With a “work hard, play hard” mentality, we encourage a healthy work-life balance, acknowledging that a well-rested and fulfilled team produces the best results.
As a fully remote workforce, we recognize the benefits of remote collaboration and offer a flexible work environment that allows our employees to thrive.

Who we work with

We look for US-based businesses that sell physical products to credit-worthy domestic end buyers. We work with startups and SMBs in a range of industries, including CPG, apparel, health and wellness, medical and manufacturing.

You can learn more about our flexible funding solutions here, or visit our Resources Hub for more information around purchase order financing.