We fund supply.
You meet demand.

Setscale offers flexible funding and unwavering support to help businesses scale.

Capital is in high demand

1 in 4

of businesses are unable to get funding


of small business loans are rejected by big banks


of business failures are due to cash flow issues

Setscale can help

We provide capital for open purchase orders. So, if you have demand, we’ll ensure you have the funds to fulfill it. We’ve been in your position, and we’re ready to support you.

How does it work?

We evaluate companies and transactions holistically — not simply based on your credit score history. We operate as a joint venture partner, allowing for flexibility in the ever-changing market.

There are no monthly interest payments or fees of any kind. We take a share of the gross profits, determined by the details of each transaction. We recover our funded amount and gross profit share when your customer pays.

Ready? Let's scale.