As your business seeks to scale, it’s important to be able to say yes to every opportunity. Setscale gives you the power to create supply as demand grows.

Types of brands we work with

You’re passionate about bringing your product to market and so are we. We often find ourselves working with passionate founders and supporting products we ourselves would use. We do not concentrate on a specific type of consumer packaged goods (CPG). 

We often find our customers have 20 or less product SKUs, a 20% or higher margin, and a shorter near-shore supply chain. These businesses are typically bootstrap and desire to not dilute the owners equity when exploring capital sources. 

Most importantly, they have proven demand for their product. They are actively seeking a purchase order agreement with a reputable end-buyer.

New and emerging brands

Newer businesses that are on the verge of growth; may have scored a large PO and need the funds to deliver on it. We can empower them to seize key opportunities. Often times, these businesses do not have a clear financial track record. PO financing lowers their risk, improves financial health, and allows them to grow without diluting their equity. 

Medium-sized Scaling Business

A growing business may have several options for financing. We want to be an essential financial tool as they seek to scale further. We extend our expertise to help improve their supply chain and offer a consistent, stable source of capital.

Established Business

Even sophisticated businesses with multiple methods of financing benefit from PO Financing.  We offer PO financing as a simple way of scaling supply to meet surging demand.